the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project

…I wanted to let you guys know of the amazing Fabulous Animal Rescue Project that Stacy from "Stuff" (the coolest cat toy store on the planet as far as I’m concerned) started.  How it works is people like you, me, kids, everyone can donate artwork or photographs of your favorite animals or animals you love which are then turned into greeting cards and sold as adorable sets on Etsy.  If you choose not to donate than you certainly should check out the card sets and consider purchasing them to support these amazing causes.  The sets are wonderfully cute and I cannot wait to purchase one.  Stacy has an insane huge heart of gold and only $1 goes to supplies for creating these cards and the rest of the proceeds of the sets sold are given to a Monthly Chosen Charity.  This month’s charity is a Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.  Check it out HERE!!! :D



Notice anyone familiar? ;)


Asylum Dolly said...

Awww! What a sweet idea! I must do some animal drawings to send!!!!
Is that your kitty cat in the very first pic?

Sleepy Darlings said...

Such a good idea!! who doesnt like getting animal pictures in the mail? especially when they help animals. i just noticed, your kitty always looks like hes holding a mouse or something in his mouth cuz of the black beard. too cute.

drollgirl said...

this is brilliant!!! love it!!! and i think i see ONE or TWO of your babies!!!!

Sam said...

What a fabbo project - thank you so much for posting about it! I'm going to investigate this more!! ...and *ahem* that's not your Turtles is it by any chance? It would be hard to imagine that two such wonderously good looking cats exist on the same planet of ours!