TGIF Kitties











…Happy Friday Everyone!!! 

I apologize for my blog neglecting, I don’t really have any major excuse or anythng, I just haven’t been in the mood.  I miss it, but I think I will just be minimally blogging for a little bit.  This week we were hit with a MAJOR heat wave….making doing just about everything unbearable.  I hope you all have tubular awesome weekends!!!


the spectator said...

That's me in the first photo.

Have a good one!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

The chubbier cats are so squeezable!
Happy Friday Sweetie!!

drollgirl said...

i think i am all of these cats!

and a stinking heat wave?!?!? already? ack! i like spring! i hate sweaty hot summer, and please oh please oh please don't let this turn into the hottest one of all! i sure hope not!

and sometimes blogging is a chore, and it is good to get away from it!

i hope you have a fabulous weekend. and i hope it cools off for you soon!

Sam said...

Look at that monorail kitten!!! I love those white cats with the tabby splods! Aw...who am I kidding? I love all the pussy cats!! :0)

A heat wave! Wow! We had the longest hottest most humid summer this summer past - I am really relishing the wet cold rain we're having at the moment! How weird is that? Stay cool sweetie! XO's

The Cottage Cheese said...

Ha - those fat kitties snuggling by the typewriter, adorbs! And I just want to hug the kitty in pic #3. That's like the cutest cat photo ever.

No worries about the blogging break sweetie. Everyone needs one now and then. Sometimes my head is filled with great ideas for posts, but often I get blogger's block and it's frustrating as hell. Take time for real life. You know we'll miss you, but will still be around when you're ready to get back in the swing.

alissa said...

haha i like spooning cats.
i hear you on the blogging break - sometimes i think its a good idea. which i can say because im in the same boat haha

Pretty Little World said...

OMG, I need that fluffy little black cat! How cute is he?!