TGIF Kitties






...Happy Friday everyone!!! And also a big Happy Thanksgiving to all my buddies from the USA! Have a Great Weekend peoples. :)


Sam said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pussy cat and fella! I can't get enough of those kitty cat photos you post here - you know that though I think already!! Kung fu kit is my fave!

the spectator said...

I love "fat boy" at the top. Looks like a packet of wasabi yum yums on his head. And the little one stretched up on the seat. She seems to have a tickle in her ear. Cute, cute, cute.


The 1st chubby & cute!
plus talented;could do a balancing act!
great weekend~

Gabbi said...

I swear... your kitty posts make me laugh out loud! Love that so. I'm gonna try balancing something on fat George's head to see if he'll hold it and get cross-eyed trying to look at it too. :)

Hope you've had a wonderful holiday and day after it and wishes for a fantastic weekend!!


I'm with Sam, those kitties watched Bruce Lee movies or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon!
Great weekend~

Kimi said...

Found you from a lolcat site :) I enjoy your cat pics! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

drollgirl said...

i just want to hug and snuggle all the kitties on planet earth, but these guys would get first dibbs.

hope you have a super weekend. :)

Music said...

Soooooooo adorable! :)

I'll let you know when I do a post about acne-related thing. Perhaps you can supply me with an appropriate cat picture to go with the post? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That first one cracks me up. That kitty has a look that I often have.... although I really have treats sitting on the top of my head. :D

Deana said...

The last photo is me with a fresh baked cinamon roll in front of my face...i just close my eyes and smile.

Chrisy said...

Ahhh...the look of bliss on that last cat's face!

alissa said...

haha i love the first one. i hope you had a great weekend! booo to being back in the week!