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...Persian cats crack me up. They totally have the ugly/cute thing going on with their squished in faces and just ooze with personality. They look like they snore...Do they snore?!? Can anyone clarify this for me? They are so precious and silly and remind of fantasy creatures. That is all.

**I just want to say Thank You to all you wonderful people that pop by and check out all the mad kitty silliness that I like to unload here. I enjoy putting these silly,weird, cute posts together and am happy to know that I get a smile or a chuckle out of some of you. ^_^**


E.K. said...

My friend had a Persian...they're like the Basset Hound of cats. Characters!!!


awww the 4th from top is so cuuuute!
all of them are...such bundles of JOY!

alissa said...

hahaha those are awesome! you're right - no cat has more attitude or personality!

me melodia said...

they so look like they snore.
I haven't heard of it though.
My bff has a rescued persian.. she is such a kook.
She has this weird thing about her face.. we think it's soo flat- when she's eating she sticks her whole head down into the bowl... then she kinda freaks out bc it's too dark or something and spills all the food everywhere. everytime. She's like Peter Griffen or something. I love her.

Hanako66 said...

no, thank YOU!!!!

i love these cats...i want a persian so bad!!!

drollgirl said...

persians have personality plus. i am talking about the cats here. :)

Bug said...

Hi there, thanks for coming by my blog. Love yours, cats are my favorite!!

Patti said...

Haha - they certainly do have the ugly/cute thing gong on. Now I know why you said 'yay for kitty shots' on my blog!

Are those red eyes on the white guy real? Unusual to say the least.

=^. .^=

Thanks for visiting me for Shadow Shot Sunday!

The Curious Cat said...

where do you find all these wonderful photos?! :) xxx

the spectator said...

Well said Hanako66.

I love persians too for their cute/ugliness. My husband recently saw a doco about pedigreed cats and dogs. Sadly, the path to cute/ugliness is not a happy one.

Those cute little flat faces come at a high price to animal. They have horrible respiratory problems. Same with the poor little pugs.

Chrisy said...

Those eyes are somethin aren't they! And what about that car'd have to be a brave person to drive about with that on!

Gabbi said...

So cute! :) Now I'm wondering if they snore too?? George doesn't snore and he doesn't fart... saying because before George I was a dog person, and doggies tend to fart. Ok, stopping now. It's taking a bad twist...

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Alix said...

My parents had a cameo-persian (chinchilla/persian cross) and it snored like a train. Its nose wasn't even as squashed as these cats', so I imagine pure persians must snore!