Cat House on the Kings

...this video about the No Kill animal shelter "Cat House on the Kings" in Northern California warms my heart to the maximum. What a paradise for these animals! Lynea Lattanzio,the owner clearly has a heart of gold.
A really good friend of mine Allie works in a No Kill animal shelter and I volunteered briefly before I moved,,it gives the animals a full life rather than being cooped up in cages all day...and these are the types of places we all should support!!!

found video via Urlesque


alissa said...

hey super spoiler - i recorded antm last night and havent watched it yet! thanks a lot for ruining the surprise haha - jk, like it was a surprise! poor laura didnt stand a chance.

drollgirl said...

i have seen this! it makes me SO HAPPY that people do this kind of stuff. fuck! it is just so great!!!! and i would love to work for such a super place like this!

Hanako66 said...

i have one nearby as is just amazing!

alissa said...

ok so now ive seen it - i have to say i was actually a little surprised, laura did so well at the runway shoot! and i liked her commercial better.
but all around, nicole was better.