on a Catwalk.

This weekend, I went to my favorite place on the planet! My grandparents farm on Prince Edward Island. My grandfather Poppy passed away a few years ago, but my grandmother and uncle now take care of the farm. I spent most of my childhood on this farm with all the cows, chickens,dogs and barn kitties. I think this is where my insane love for animals began. Over the weekend, A couple of my uncles,an aunt, my sister,niece,myself , 2 big dogs and 4 CATS went for a late night walk through the red dirt roads. We sported hats with lights on them which was so neat to see ahead of us in the pitch black. You would turn around and see all these little green glowing eyes looking at you. It looked so strange, alien-ish...they followed us to our destination and followed us right back to the farmhouse. It was a real catwalk,with actual kitties...and our oh so fashionable lit up caps..hehe. If you know anything about cats, you'll know that this is strange..cats just normally wouldn't do such a thing...but these kitties did and it made for a very entertaining adventure.

I didn't take photos of the actual catwalk, but I took some of a few barn cats. There was a relatively fresh batch of kittens, they were Too Cute. I spent most of my weekend surrounded by these babies. This is a cat's or cat lovers paradise.
Hope all your weekends were awesome!!

(my grammie got a new couch so they put the old ones outside,the kitties loved it!!)

My Uncle also introduced us to a what he thinks might be a handicapped calf. He was so adorable with his floppy ears and tongue that is always out.

(sorry about the dingle berry in the shot..lol)

Do any of you have any places from when you were a kid that you love to visit to this day??


Gabbi said...

Sounds and looks like an incredible place to visit! Especially with the kittens! :) Your grandparents sound very sweet. Wish I had a special place like that as a kid... but I can't think of any?

drollgirl said...

oh, this is too fucking cool! i love your pictures! i love all these kitties and even the cows (dingleberry be gone!)! my grandparents in arkansas (R.I.P.) had a farm with cows and chickens and about 400 siamese cats. it was pretty fun to visit there, even though they always called us city slickers from california.

sounds like you had the time of your life. i hope you get to go back soon!

and that couch outside is going to see a LOT of scratching activity. kitty heaven out there!

Chrisy said...

That farm sounds lovely...and so good that you can revisit...and go walking at night!

me melodia said...

Omfg! That tooth ache kitty stole my heart.

This is one of the yummiest posts yet. I love this place. I wish I grew up on a PEI Farm. You lucky ass little cat. I dont have anything this farmy or foreign to compare to. My fave place growing up was my grandmas house- instead of barns and country side, we had little Havana and churros.

Also, I think this half down calf deserves his place in Kitty Stampede hall of fame. He's so special. Really.
Love you.

The Curious Cat said...

Oh what delightful photos! Sooooo cute! And I love the little story of them all following you on a walk. Do you read the We Three Ginger Cats blog? They like going for walks too. I love the idea - maybe it works best in the country with a tribe of puskys!? xxx

The Cottage Cheese said...

The farm looks like such a delightful place! I'd love to see more pics of it. Your nighttime hike sounds like a lot of fun. The kittens are so adorable, and that second pic (of the "tooth ache kitty" as me melodia called her) is just the cutest. And that "special" calf, well I just want to give it a big hug.

Hanako66 said...

lol, I totally wouldn't have noticed the dingleberry...LOL!!!

what a great place to grow up...what darling animals!

Sam said...

Oh sweet hearts!! I love the little one up the top washing his mushy face best - what a star! How do you get them to pose for you like that? I was trying to take some shots of the little ginger tom down the road last night and it was impossible - just a bunch of tail and back shots!!!

It sounds like this farm is very important to you - I can see why - how great that you have that retreat! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Omg, you are so lucky! Those kitties are adorable. But how on earth do you take cats for a walk? Don't they just run away?

Also - poor handicapped cow! But good for us because he's cute.

Deana said...

I am such an animal lover too...I've always wanted a farm and since I live in NYC where ther are not green spaces filled with cows, I look at photos of barns...the kitties must be so cute.

Carol Wingert said...

I am a cat lover and I can just imagine playing with all those kitties! You are lucky to have a place to visit like this!

We have some outdoor kitties, but only one (for the time being) will let us hold him. He's 7 yrs old. We have 2 new ones that I am going to try to pet real soon!