...I just want to apologize for being a poopy blogger as of late...I know,I know I don't have to say sorry but I love you all and hate that I'm not as regular on the commenting and blogging myself in the past little while...I feel like I'm being sucky...hehe. I'll get back in action soon enough and even if I don't comment on your dear, sweet beautiful ass blogs, it doesn't mean I don't read or care...sniff, sniff...I swear...I love you mans,womens,queen,kitties....hahaah...I'm such a tard.

I'm heading to Rome on Monday with my hub-mans for our honeymoon...don't know if I'll have any ounce of time to blog...won't have my computer with me...plus we'll be exploring that place like the crazy, maniacs that we are. Oooooo...the art, the architecture,the FOOD...I'm starting to get PUMPED. I hear there are plenty of Colosseum kitties! I'll def have to take tons of photos.

Anyhooch...back to the point, I love you all. There I said it. Oh, and please excuse for the poopage.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Congratulations and omg have SO MUCH FUN IN ROME!

Maybe when you get back you'll have a sephora makeup palette waiting for you!! No, you weren't too late.


Dooder City said...

Have an amazing time. I love the poopy post. When my dog goes to the bathroom, we say he made 'poopy doops' (sorry that is too much information)

Penny said...

You are making me so jealous with all this talk about your honeymoon trip.

I hope you have an amazing time - don't even think of blogging while there.There'll be plenty of time for that afterwards.

Have fun on behalf of all of us...and take lots of pictures!

alissa said...

I'm so freaking excited for you! have an amazing time.
cats- theres these ruins recessed down below the street between the river and the pantheon (like within the two-3 blocks inbetween) but like 100 cats live down there.
its so cool because no people go down there, but everyone can see. so its a little cat village right in the middle of the city. and theyre houses are these thousand year old buildings haha.

go down to the market in trastevere! its a street market that goes on for miles, so much random stuff - but a fun way to see the city.

drollgirl said...

POOP! hahahahahahha!!! thank you for the laugh on a friday morning!!!!!!

um, have you ever tried to train your cat to use a toilet? well i did, and it was A FUCKING DISASTER.

i hope your trip is just fanfuckingtastic! god! you are so lucky. well, you two deserve it! eat some fine food for me, gaze on some hot italian dudes, and find out if their cats are any better than ours.

me melodia said...

Kitty face! I hope you have a marvelous time. I was reseraching Rome the other day and I really want to go honey moon there now. You love birds will find so many romantic nooks.
You'll out do the humping street kitties. ;)

Hanako66 said...

omg, you are a riot!

I know that you are going to have the bestest time ever!!!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Oh, ok, you're in Rome. Please disregard my last comment. Have a blast!!! Eat some gnocchi for me!