Cats and Birds

A couple nights ago my indoor cat Turtles got out of house. I grabbed the treats and ran out after him, as did my husband Steve. Turtles did NOT care about the treats whatsoever. He tore over to the next door neighbor's yard and he starts batting at a bird that was on the ground. We than realized the bird was all tangled in a wire fence. The poor bird had no chance of getting free as it was all tangled up around its neck, it looked like it had been trapped for over an hour. Steve got a pair of scissors and had to cut the poor little birdie free. It ended up actually being a good thing our kitty got out cause the bird probably would of suffered a great deal and died without anybody noticing. Steve was a hero and it was beautiful when he finally got the wire cut to watch the woodpecker fly off into the tree...another chance at life. It was a great moment.

Cats and Birds seem to have a love/hate relationship as shown from the pictures above. Cats are absolutely fascinated by feathered fliers. I could of posted some gruesome shots of cat hunting bird prey but I much preferred the innocent side as I adore all living creatures...and didn't feel like posting a bunch of poor dead birds in kitties mouths...but hey, its nature I suppose.


E.K. said...

Way to go Steve!

alissa said...

thats a great story! nice work. i think grace would like a pet bird to sit beside her. it would never even strike her to try and attack it haha - too much effort

one little simitopian said...

Well, cats do "know things" so perhaps he was trying to tell you about the bird? Or maybe I'm over romanticising it and kitty actually just wanted to eat the birdy. O.o
I've missed heaps of posts due to MOVING yet again (third time in the last 12 months! I plan on staying put for a while this time, as moving house sucks balls real bad),and I see you've also moved- hope it all went smoothly and you're well settled now!
Those photos are ridiculously cute and funny i might add :) number 2 and 5 crack me up, and 4 is just too adorable for words >.<


You & Steve plus Turtle were heroes to that poor bird! I lurrrve happy ending!!

me melodia said...

Oh my, a woodpecker?
A brandname bird has just more weight in the story. It's a beautiful story btw.
I love those sweet family moments. I'm glad u guys saved him.
I love these shots too--esp the pigeon ass.
A little chickadee once hopped into our apt and my cat just sat there frozen in the living room. she had no clue what to do. I was pretty happy about her lack of murdering skills.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across your blog on Blog Goggles. Great story. Hurray for hubs that love animals as much as their wives! They're a rare breed, I say!

drollgirl said...

yer man rescued the bird! that is so rad!

the kitty / bird thing is FASCINATING, indeed! such weirdos! love it! and these pictures are FUCKING AWESOME!!! especially that pelican trying to scoop up a kitty!?!??!?!?!??! wow!!!!

Hanako66 said...

most of these are so sweet:)

so glad that you saved the little guy!

Kristin said...

Those are so precious! I wouldn't trust my cats around a bird for a second. Ah ha