Kitt, the funniest little girl in the land.

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…my niece, along with my sister (her mother), my mom and pops came to visit me last weekend. They drove 14 hours just to visit me…and I enjoyed every second. I adore my little niece Kitt soo much. She is pure sunshine. And an insane amount of Fun. I had a complete ball taking photos of her all weekend long. She gets extremely animated and hilarious as you can see. I took a bazillion, but just thought I would share a few. Turtles make an appearance in a few of them too. The kitties seemed to enjoy Kitt also, they seemed pretty intrigued at times, but often kept their distance staring from afar, not being used to the energy of a child. She LOVES ‘Kitty Cats’ almost as much as me. ;)  Kitt is the type of kid that makes you consider having children. Just love her.


Magnoire La Chouette said...

She is adorable! My niece just moved in with me to go to college.
I think the reason we are so tired as adults is that we used up all our energy as kids!

Kitty Stampede said...

haha...magnoire, you are so right. I would kill to get some of that back these days, or maybe that kind of energy in an adult is not so pull off-able. ;)

Paulette Phelan Kelly said...

She is So Sweet! So Happy you guys had the weekend together! Loved your photos!

drollgirl said...

she is SO CUTE! so enthusiastic! so FUN! and your pictures capture that all perfectly!

they could base a book or a movie on this kid. they could! i can just tell!!!!!