French Cats



…if you have not seen these sets of videos of “French Cats” by fairset2, you are in for a treat. (apparently especially if you are actually french).

They are hilarious. They take the best cat videos out there and translate them into french. Go to their youtube page for more french kitty hilarity. the commentary kills me. be sure to follow the subtitles below the video. This one is my favorites and made me literally laugh out LOUD.



via kidlimo66

Thanks for sharing Stacey from Stuff. :D


drollgirl said...

BAH!!!!! ooh, this is hilarious!

and the kitty with the beret is FFFFFFFFFFANTASTIC!!!

eleeka said...

Oh MON DIEU!!!! I rired!! :D

Dia said...

Very funny!!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Hahahah! I guess if I put a beret on Anni she might look French too! I'll have to try it. :)

MCat said...

So what were they looking at? I tried clicking but it wouldn't go. That was soooooo funny!

Location longue durée said...

Very handsome i love the picture