Husky Love


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…I am a huge fan of huskies, definitely being my 2nd top favorite breed. They are insanely beautiful creatures in my books. I love how close to the original ‘dog’ they are…so close to being wolf. All of the ones I have ever met are hilarious too, they ooooze with personality and are so vocal and saucy. And those eyes. *melt*

…At my work we have a few huskies, and in this cold, they want to be outside- the colder, the better. It’s so hilarious when they get howling at work, and everyone joins in but they aren’t naturals like the huskies so they look ridiculous..hahaha. It’s too funny. I want to see if I can record it sometime. They also looove to dig holes in the snow, and could be out all day digging. It’s so cute. I love when dogs do traditional dog things, I get a real kick out of it.

…I am so tempted if when I get a dog to get a husky, maybe not purebred, but a mix with mostly husky. They are extremely active dogs and need TONS of excercise, that is why a lot of people bring them to doggy daycares as often times people don’t have a lot of time during the work week to take them on long walks. (If most people brought their crazy, out of control dogs to daycares a couple times of week, there wouldn’t be so many dogs in the animal shelters)

…Are any of you husky fans? or own them? I wish I had one to snuggle right now, although I don’t think my cats would appreciate that very much. ;)


Anonymous said...

I heart Huskies too! If we ever get a place with room to run, I'd love to give one or two a home :-)

janis said...

simply lovely!

PinkPanthress said...

So totally sweet! :)

My mother and I, oohed & ahhed at every pic! ❤

Pesky Cat Designs said...

If you do get a Husky maybe he will cuddle with your kitties just like in the pics above. ;)

drollgirl said...

they are gorgeous! the fur! the eyes! it looks like they wear eyeliner!

i used to have a spitz when i was a kid. kind of like a miniature husky. kind of. but not really.

they used to categorize chunky boy clothing for "huskies". LOL!!

this weekend i was hugging on a bulldog in a store, and i just loved his body. yes, i am a nut. i love the big, strong body of a bulldog. and then i told manfriend if he was a dog he would be a bulldog. LOL! probably a stupid thing to say, but i meant it in a good way. and then he said, "no, i'd be a mastoff." lol. i'd probably be a fat and lazy cat!