Adoring: the Photography of Andrew Fladeboe


 (loooooove this one)

Highland Cattle

Gus the Polar Bear


The Night Cat





…The Amazing Animal Sightings of Andrew Fladeboe. Check out his website for more tons more photography goodness…especially of the animal variety! my favorite!


delks said...

you are right about the top one. wooow. so magical. thanks for sharing!! these are excellento.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Love those photos especially of the leaping cat. Very cool!

Hope all is well. Wishing you a fantastic weekend. :)

PS You might like this cat blog I've been following for a while. Something to peruse.

Gabbi said...

Love his work, especially the cat jumping over the creek!

Dia said...


The leopards are beautiful. I hope you have a nice weekend. Please visit diadesigns1. I entered a photo contest. I need votes!

Talk to you soon.

drollgirl said...

SCREAM! i love these pics! can i be an assistant to this dude! i would gasp and coo and beg to hug, touch and pet the animals all day long. love the shots!