Super Cleaning Kitty for hire

…this series of cleaning kitty photos MADE MY DAY!!! I hope they make yours too!

I seriously am not a fan of cleaning, and I feel like I am always doing it, or in the need to do it.  ugh. There are soo many other things I would rather be doing. And I don’t even have kids, it’s just me and my husband. I just cannot imagine. Anyways, enjoy this wonderful series, as found on the awesome Design You Trust Facebook Page.










Lynn said...

WAH!!!?!? Thank you!!! Omg, these are so funny.

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

this is how I felt getting ready for company I had this week lol

drollgirl said...

UM, where do i get one of these cats!?! i HATE cleaning!!!! i cannot stand it! it is never ending! and it doesn't MIRACULOUSLY fix all the problems if you live in a dump! god! i need a maid, but i don't really have the funds to finance one! god!

but these pics are fab!!!

and cleaning BLOWS.

Gabbi said...

This would be a dream... too cute!

Ferdinand said...

Where can i find a kitty like that, seems so cute, clean and too much funny.

Cleo said...

These pictures are a riot!!

Joy¢e Yö said...

LOL! So cute & funny!!!