Fur Angels

…sometimes I swear furry pet creatures are angels sent to us by God. They are our heaven sent heros and sweetheart saviors sent as gifts to offer us unconditional love, laughs and relief from the overly complicated and often disturbing human mess of a world. haha…can you tell I’m having a rough week?! ;)  Thank You Dear Sweet Innocent Creatures for making this world a better place.




ruthless photos




Barking Mad Clothes




IamthatIam publishing... said...

I LOVE this one!!!!

Kat Elliott said...

I had a really rough day today and this was a much needed pick me up. I can't wait to have a place where I can finally get a few furry creatures of my own again!
Thank you!

drollgirl said...

wah! so sweet! most times they are angels. sometimes devils, too. lol. but mostly angels! and, like you, i am relieved they are around to make life a whole lot more pleasant!

hope you catch a break soon and that the next 400 weeks are eeeeeeeeasy and breeeeeeezy for you!!!!

janis said...

they truly are Angels. Was just talking yesterday about how pets give that unconditional love & can turn a frown into a smile in seconds. God certainly Blessed my life with some wonderful Furry Angels♥

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Yes, they are angels!! I totally agree.

Great photos! I hope your kitties put a lot of smiles on your face this weekend. Enjoy and have a great one!

Nat Berman said...

These couldn't be any cuter if they tried!