Turtles & Tuna do the “Great Outdoors”

…I have been getting harassed by my Indoor kitties to go outside like crazy lately. It must be all the smells of plants growing, there are also lots of birds, squirrels, cats & dogs in our neighbourhood as well, so maybe they just cannot take it anymore being behind glass & screens. I don’t want them to be outdoor cats, but will take them out on the leashes every once in awhile so they can sniff around and do their thang. I would be way too much of a worried kitty mother to let them be outdoors all the time. Especially living in the city.

Here are some shots of the beebers outsidin’ it up.

jhl 164

…this is what happens when you first put the harness and leash on Tuna. She plops. and she’ll do that for a little bit, because she is being oh so dramatic about being strapped in. You have to kinda lightly drag her around a little bit, she doesn’t seem to mind. After a little bit she’ll finally get up and walk around on her own and sniff stuff.

jhl 183

…She honestly doesn’t do very much when she’s outside, she just likes to sniff and listen to whatever sounds she hears. Here she is chillin’ in the front garden while I weed. She seriously has the sweetest, most adorably funny personality, and she reminds me of a teddy bear. My little Tuna.

jhl 172

…me standing there “patiently” waiting for her to arise so that we could move on.

lhhhhuio 230

…All Turtles wants to do when he’s out is munch on grass. He wants to nibble on everything green in sight. So far no sickies.

lhhhhuio 240

…nom, nom, nom.

lhhhhuio 222

…sometimes his size shocks me. He is a really big kitty. I love it. Everyone always flips out and ask what I feed him.

jlj 014

…this evening my husband had a good idea to tie the two separate leash ends together, instead of us holding them. So that if one kitty went one way, the other would stop it from getting too far. Trust me, they never go in the same direction so wouldn’t run off into the sunset or anything, and we were out with them so could keep an eye out. Walking two cats at once is dang near impossible. I tried it a couple times and ALWAYS regret it. It is Nothing like walking dogs. It’s a very slow thing, you mostly just stand around.

jlj 016

jlj 010

…what is that they hear with their radar kitty hearing?!

jlj 023

…just after we came in from outdoor adventures. Reflecting on what they had just experienced.

jlj 026

…and ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………..


Storydreamer said...

Cool, I have a dog that I walk and she also eats grass although it does make her sick.

Paulette Phelan Kelly said...

Loved the photos of your Babies! You're Such A Good Mommy!

Dia said...

Turtles and Tuna are sooo adorable! I love these photos, you and your husband are such good parents! Looks like your beebs had a nice adventure in the great outdoors.

Thank you for these wonderful photos!!

janis said...

Love this! Turtle & Tuna are precious! I love seeing your babies for a change. My Mischa is currently grounded as she didn't come when called yesterday while outside. She is "suppose" to come on command when outside so I know she isnt tooo far. She has been pretty good up till yesterday. I was so worried leaving for dinner with her not back inside... She KNEW she was in trouble when we got home. Her expression said it all. Little stinker! Now she is stuck inside with the other cats pouting.
Maybe I should try the harness & leash too?

Sleepy Darlings said...

AHH!! i love it. When we had kittens we would tie them to each other, two sets of two. kittens tangle much faster.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

LOVE these photos!! They are the sweetest!

I do the same for my Anni. She loves to go out. She just munches on grass the whole time and then rolls around in the grass on her back like she has just found heaven. The standing around gets boring though. She likes to sniff everything a real long time. Sometimes I just sit on the grass myself!

Star said...

Personally, I'm SO very happy and relieved to hear that you don't let your kitties go outside without being leashed. Whether in the city, or the country, there are lots of dangers for roaming cats, which also can get into a lot of mischief if not sterilized, creating misery for poor little abandoned kittens, as well as leaving unpleasant "surprises" in other people's gardens. It looks like you have a yard. You could build a "kittie run" out of chicken-wire complete with toys, benches, cubby holes and the like, so they could be outside, yet protected. I do wish more people would do this. Thank you for such a good post.

Sam said...

Oh darlings! Look at you two having a ball outside! I showed my boy friend this magnificent post and he pointed out that a) Turtles is one fine looking lad and b) he's wearing a ninja mask. So Turtles' fan club grows as we speak! Tuna is ravishing also of course - thank you for this post - it's so, so lovely Kathleen! A very good idea to leash them too I feel. My Dad's cat Harry doesn't go out unless he is escorted.

Sam said...

Whoopsie! So, sorry I got your two beauties totally mixed up - we believe that Tuna looks like a ninja NOT your wonderful Turtles.....

drollgirl said...

dude. you are the best kitty mama every!!! your cats are so beautiful! and they must ADORE you!!!! so gorgeous!!!! and who doesn't love a big, fluffy kitty!!!!

i am afraid my cats are bored. i keep the windows open (w/screens) and they stare outside most of the day. i know they want to go outside and race around and catch birds and kill bugs and shit. gah! i wish i could let them. :[

p.s. before leo died i got him a leash and thought we would go for walks. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. we went for a drag down the driveway. he wouldn't even MOVE! he would just lay there sniffing. gah! i am not a patient sort, so we tried this two or three times for two or three minutes. oh leo. such a nutter.

yasmine said...

sigh. your kitties are beautiful. and pouffy!