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…I loove purses, but I am SUPER picky and I find there are a lot of really ugly ones out there.  But Pesky Cat Designs are purrfection.  Elisa is an amazing designer, and I love how one of a kind & earthy her bags are. She is very inspired by color, texture and Nature!!!  I unfortunately do not own one of these unique beauties yet, due to some financial yucky times but as soon as there is double income (my husband is on the hunt after just graduating), One of her purses shall be mine!!!!  Cannot Wait.

Go and Check out her Pesky Cat Designs Etsy Store & Blog to see Tons more gorgeous bags, and snatch one of these beauts up!!! ^_^

p.s.- the interior of the bags are just as beautiful.


Sam said...

Very lovely! They look very roomy and attractive at the same time. I particularly like the ones with the pussy cats in them but I suppose the kittens are just models and don't come with the bag! :0(

Chrisy said...

Yes you're's the earthiness and the texture...let's hope one will soon be coming your way...and just a thought...maybe you could have one heavily discounted for advertising on your blog!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wow! Thanks for featuring my bags on your cool blog!! I am really honored! Love those shoots of the kitties in the purses as well. You always find the cutest pics.

Chrisy has a great idea- Any time you are ready to purchase a bag just let me know. I'll give you a 20% discount. :)

Have a purrrr-fect day!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

In reply to your comment on my blog- I will insist. hehehe

drollgirl said...

PESKY CAT DESIGNS?!?!? I LOVE THAT NAME! and the bags are beautiful!

and may the cash start pouring in for your guys! i'll take some, too! yeesh this has been a hard and expensive year! buhROKE all of the time! can't stand it!