Patty Cake, Patty Cake


…Baker’s Man, Bake me a Cake as fast as you can!!! mmmm…Cake.

…This video is melt-worthy cute.

On the subject of cakes, these cat litter box cakes always crack me up. I don’t know if I could do it.  It just seems so wrong.  They just look so gross.  But I bet they are delish. ;)











…These are cakes, I swear. Have I gone too far??? haha.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Maybe those cakes are going too far! Lol! I had to do a double take to be sure they were actually edible. Whoever came up with that idea has quite an imagination.
The cats playing are darn adorable!

Thanks for you recent follow. I didn't even know you were not a follower since you come by the Pesky Cat so often. By the way, I have no idea how I missed so many of your last posts. I'll have to catch up now!

Ellie Grace said...

Bahahahahahahaa!! I absolutely loved the video, it was SO precious. I was doing voices for both of them the whole time. I believe there was a silent dialogue that we were unaware of... As for the poop cakes, HYSTERICAL. I died laughing!


drollgirl said...

bahha! the cats in the video are so respectful! so tame! so polite! bahahah! mine go a bit more ballistic with this game and it always ends is SQUEALING AND SCREAMING!

and these edible cat turds are awful! barf! i love me some dark chocolate, but!!!!! ew! ew!!!!!

p.s. i am going out of town for a few days, so please forgive if i am slack on commenting! will catch up next week!

Anonymous said...

lolololololol cutest thing I've seen for a long time!

Sam said...

Oh my goodness me!! *ahem* no I think I'll pass on the litter cakes. I just couldn't do it - they are far too realistic.

As for those two silly billies being "cross" with each other! I love the one on the left who gets distracted half way through and has to clean his paw! Hilarious! :0)

softspoken said...

i know what i'm making my boyfriend for his birthday now...

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Holy Cod!!!

That is insane!! Our PM made a Halloween cake with bugs and worms and "dirt" and I thought that was gross.

So crazy!

Now the PM has a strange look in her eye...