Adoring: Paintings by Jacub Gagnon

…I am beyond in love with these super cheeky, fantastical animal paintings by Canadian painter, Jacub Gagnon. So very surrealistically endearing! …that and they make me giggle. :)

Mine Fish

"Mine Fish"

tests_601, 1/13/12, Jan 13, 2012     8:41 PM,  8C, 4442x5889 (301+797), 88%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/15 s, R47.7, G23.0, B38.6

"Cute as a Mutton"

Cakes and Ladders

"Cakes and Ladders"

Old Mother Cupboard

"Old Mother Cupboard"



7-An uplifting experience

"An Uplifting Experience"

Woolley Mammoths

"Woolly Mammoths"


"View Master"




"The Best Laid Plans"

His Birden

"His Birden"

Where Buffalo Roam

"Where Buffalo Roam"

Just love the titles of each piece. See tons more of his eye candy at his website!


Paulette Phelan Kelly said...

Awesome paintings! Witty & Well Done! Thanks for sharing!

Lindo said...

These are amazing. I loove the View Master one. That would look so great in my bathroom. lol

drollgirl said...

they are so cute! so fab!

i WANT cakes and ladders!!!!!!