Fresh Garden Kitties

…I mean Veggies. ;)




via (I SO want to do this to my cats…LOLOL)


this cat is actually a vegetarian






















via (Shroom Hat!!!)



 Curled up with the onions


…one thing that I love love love about summer is fresh, crunchy, delicious garden fresh vegetables! I find I appreciate them now more then ever. I love how fresh, healthy and how beautiful all the colors are. There is something so wonderful about seeing them all on display at farmer’s markets that is just not the same as seeing them at the grocery store.

…I tried my hand at a tiny flower bed size garden this year. I was a total newb and wasn’t overly successful. The green beans and peas grew pretty good and I’ve eaten quite a few of them, but now are suffering since I couldn’t take care of them while away for 10 days, so they unfortunately were neglected and are kind of in a dead mode, I hope they spring back to life with proper care. Only ONE carrot grew, LOL…and I planted quite a few of them, but BOY was it ever delicious. I hope more spring up, who knows…     

…There is something so rewarding about eating veggies you planted yourself.  Do any of you lovely peeps have a garden?  I’m sure there are a trillion gazillion of others that love the season of freshness just like me!! :D  And Don’t get me started on the FRUIT!!!! …that would need to involve a whole other post. ;)


Deb said...

These photos are great. My favorite is the lettuce head and the wee one with the potatoes and onions. OMG - that is so cute. I love veggies too more than any other food. I should weight 98 lbs. but alas....I was probably 8 when I weighed that. haha!
Love your blog. It is delightful. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Lisa said...

Just love these piccies! Made me giggle!

Storydreamer said...

Yeah, I tried to grow some cucumbers a couple years ago, but sadly they died.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I had several lol's from this post! What great photos. Mushroom cap kitty looks quite stylish.

We don't have a garden only a small patch of grass. When our kitty gets the opportunity to go out she loves to eat the grass. She buries her head in the grass and it's a long time before she comes up for air. :)

Good luck with your garden!

Sam said...

It is my dream one day to have a little garden from which I eat!! How cool would that be? I have a feeling that it is probably a bit of work. I adore vegetables and fruit too - at the moment we have the most amazing crunchy swwet pink lady apples in the fruit shops! It's absolute heaven!

IamthatIam publishing... said...

Oh! I LOVE these!!!!

Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

Love this! these pictures are awesome.

Amber @ Zombie Cats Eating Plants said...

i love this! these pictures are awesome. =^.^=

drollgirl said...

er, cats eat vegetables?!?!? lol! i am not sure if my porkers will, but i'll try. every now and again a cucumber slice will fall to the floor, and the cats will race to it, but they waste no time in giving it short shrift and running away!

re: gardens/fresh veggies. the farmers market is the best. i go every weekend. it is a pain in the ass, but they have the best produce, BAR NONE.

i tried growing a tomato plant last summer. the roasting heat in my backyard fried it to a crisp within a week. garden FAIL. so i just buy mine. i can't even get herbs to grow in my kitchen -- it is just tooooooo hot in there.

Gabbi said...

We have tons of cherry tomatoes this year and I know what you mean K! Also, fat George should take a lesson from this felines and eat some veggies... such a fatty.

QueriesonFoodsandHealth said...

"Do any of you lovely peeps have a garden?"

We have a garden in our backyard, though our kittens and cats never have their eyes on them. They don't like veggies and not even a hint of vegetarians. Yet, when I look upon these photos, I was amazed since these cats are so cute to look at with veggies at their sides.Love it!

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