Shoulder Lovins’ + possibly cutest kitty vids ever


…I seen this painting by Kelli Murray on Etsy this evening. and it made me melt. Isn’t it just the sweetest?! I carry my kitty girl Tuna around like this often. This picture makes me want to go scoop her up from her nap to get some shoulder love snuggles in. Kitties really are the sweetest…sigh…


…couldn’t resist posting this. AWWWWWW….

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Anonymous said...

Bingo & Bingo!
that print is a beaut.
and that kitten video is the BEST!!!!

signed lorreta <3

Katie said...

What a pretty little painting.xx

drollgirl said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! i wish i looked that cute when i was sleeping!

and i wish my kitties would let me hug like your tuna does. one of mine CANNOT SIT STILL for more than 8 seconds (seriously! i have timed him! his record-breaking snuggle on my lap lasted a whopping 8 minutes and this only happened ONCE since i have had him), and the other one is SUPER on-guard and thinks we are going to the vet if i ever pick him up. lol! but they give good lovin' in other ways so it is cool!

have a super weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

That painting and the vid combined almost had me break out into tears.
Where are my kittens!?!?! Come give mummy a hug!!!

Dia said...

This is sooo precious! Kitties really are the sweetest* It was great hearing from you again. I've missed your nice comments on my blog. I just love flowers and raindrops too!

Take care*

alissa said...

omg i cannot stop playing that video - it might be the cutest thing ive ever seen