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…I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend. I adore long weekends with a passion. I thought I would start the week off by sharing with you as I have before, the special kitties of my life. If you haven’t before, Meet Turtles & Tuna…

pixpix 146

Oh Turtles…he is just such a handsome, striking kitty man. lol

pixpix 133

(the new laundry basket gets put to some good use…they make me not even want to set it up properly)

pixpix 165

My little Tuna is SO HARD to get good photos of, she moves around like a little bird.

Have a Super Dupes of a week…the wicked thing about long weekend is SHORT WEEKS!!! wooo…


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

your babies are adorable! Tuna looks like Mr.Puddy!!! (who I love!!)
Hope you had a great Easter and we hope you have a great week!

Dia said...

Hello Kitty,

Beautiful photos of your babies. They both are sooo lovely. Do you brush them often? Tuna is my favorite in the photos, she should pose more often she could be a model! Hope your Easter was wonderful, did you get a chocolate bunny? I didn't yet, but I baked a chocolate cake!

Margot said...

great cats! if you go to my blog you see one of my 8 cats, she could be a sister of your cats! ;)

Jen said...

turtles is quite a handsome boy and tuna is pretty darn cute too.

I have the same trouble with my little girl bean, she wiggles too much to get her photo taken. My boy kitty Jackson is a photo whore.

Lyda said...

Recently found your blog. Love your kitties. Mine usually find themselves in my blog whether I want them to be or not. Note: almost every picture has a cat in the background. It's like where's waldo but with cats!

Keep entertaining and I'll keep reading! ;-)

drollgirl said...

i love your cats! and your photos of them are awesome! i am FEELING THE LOVE!

cats are so hard to photograph. they just don't cooperate. and it is DOUBLY hard to photograph black cats, as i am just figuring out. my cat inky jumps at almost everything. he freaks if i bring the camera out, even if the flash is turned off. he is camera shy and suspicious. just like me. lol

hope you have a super fab and rad short week! YAY!

Sam said...

Oh deary me! Such handsome pretties! You know Turtles, even if you hadn't told me, really does look manly. Why is that? Little Tuna - those little toe mittens are too cute!!!!! Oh dear I think I may have to go and have a little lie down after that loveliness! Hope you had a super weekend!