When Cats Sit Like Humans II




(This is Betty-via Jonathan-What a pose!)










(Zusje is just chillin’-Thanks Marjan)


(This is Kashka-via Chris-Thanks!)






(This is Charlie-looking more like a puddle than a human, his owner Edward said. :D )







1189047644_82f06bdaf0_b (2)

(This is Clarence, taken by Sharon Snider-Wilkinson in Kingston Ontario-via)



Picture 205

(This is Charlie-sent to me by Ulrike & Seniz)


(This is Marvin-Chivers, what a dollface. Thanks for sharing Judith!)



…I’ve been dying to do a second post on this “beloved” subject forever. What better time than shortly after being featured on the "The Graham Norton Show". It is Season 8, Episode 20 and just a tiny little segment- but pretty cool! :D It looks like it was removed from YouTube-so no longer have a link. womp, womp-let me know if you find another one. There was also an article about this “Cat sitting like Human” phenomenon yesterday in “The Daily” with pics from the blog as well. YAY! ^____^

…Thanks to all you beyond Wonderful UK peeps in response to the show sending me amazingly kind emails and downright funny & adorable kitty pics. If I’ve missed posting your kitty-my apologies, let me know and they will be on a future post.



Beth Grace said...

Aww this makes me miss my cat, Nina, or Oprah as I like to call her. (She's huge and brown. Err...Huge as in famous huge! :/... )
I think its hysterical that the majority of cats that sit like this are fat. It makes them all the more human. :)


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I LOVE photos of kitties sitting like humans!! My Cody does it ALL the time!
Don't forget some of us in the (U.S., like me lol) who faithfully comment on your posts! Congrats on being featured on your show...would love if you could re-find a link and post it!

janis said...

I LOVE your blog of Kitty Stampede♥

Kitty Stampede said...

@ Cat Chat-Of course I LOVE you US peeps too! :D I reworded what I wrote...because due to them seeing this on the Graham Norton Show, I got a plethora of emails from so many amazing people in the UK. I was dumbfounded. and didn't realize it had aired until I got the flood of emails. :)

Thanks again for all your kind words.

Sam said...

Wow!!!! You've been on the telly!!! :0) Awesome - there is hope for telly yet I tell you!!! So cool! Love young Clarence here - what a fine looking specimen of pussy cat is he!!

So lovely to see you're semi-back in action - you know I love, adore your bloggy escapades and your peeps and you!!! XO

Anonymous said...

"Couch potato" kitties! :-)

alissa said...

haha none of them look comfortable - but they seem happy:)
hope you're having a good week!

Pocketful of Patterns said...

Awwwwww...love, love, LOVE these!!! Thanks for sharing - my cat's always getting into some crazy poses like these; such a dollop!

Storydreamer said...

They do seem to sit like a lot of humans I know. Mainly guys of course...

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Too too funny! I never had a kitty that sat that way. Glad to see you back and blogging.

Congrats on your TV appearance!! Wish there was a link.

I hope you are enjoying your new home. :)

drollgirl said...

um, BEST POST EVER!!! these are so hilarious!!!!

and congrats on that feature! YOU/YOUR BLOG DESERVE IT!!!! big time!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are so great/funny/bizarre! Congrats on the tv spot too, which is how I found your blog!

the spectator said...

I love them all.

Clarence. Your mum needs to put you on a diet.

Zarko said...

Kitty kitty kitty kitty ... so cool :-)

Alittlesprite said...

I've never seen my Moby cat do this. He kinds of just spreads out everywhere.

MANDY said...

Just watched the Graham Norton show and googled you .... so so funny !!!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

So cuuute...you know me, I especially luv those chubby ones! Hope you had needed rest Kitty! Congrats+wooHOO!!(again!)


Italia said...

Very cute little kitties...
Especially the yellow one and has lots of hair. Sitting like a man. This is such a unique one.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, maybe it's better if the just sit like cats, lol.

Sweety Pie said...

They are so funny!! Though my cat also sit sometimes like a human :D

Jane said...

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Katie said...

I love their kitty bellies!

Dia said...

So Cute! I like the one with the tie. They look so human. I did a couple of posts you might enjoy. Hope to hear from you soon. Also hope you are enjoying your new place!

lifebook said...

Ha-ha! Very funny, sweet and cute ;)