Somebody hose me now...

It is just sweltering here today...muggy beyond belief. When I get up I am literally peeling myself off of the leather couch,not a good feeling. Clothes are torturesome. I want someone to hose me down ASAP. You guys hot where you are??


Daniel Alejandro Romano said...

All this pictures just reminded me how much I want a dog in my life.

Soon I say to myself. Soon,

Great Blog you have
Grafittis, Street Art and Me

Penny said...

Luckily for me,it's really cold here at the moment.As I'm typing,my hands are so cold,my fingers might snap off.but I feel your pain with the heat.In a few months,our heat will begin again as well.Yay :(

Sami said...

It's been pretty darn hot in coastal NC... last weekend heat index was in the triple digits. Cooled down some this week but still pretty toasty, thank goodness for AC!

I love the second pic from the top, awesome :D

me melodia said...

These shots are fantastic.
It's hotter than a mo-fo here in Miami.
107 heat index cushioned with massive rain= huge frizzy hair and a swamp ass.

Not a good summer look.

wish we cld share a cold one together.

Hanako66 said...

it is actually finally warming up here!